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What is LingPipe?

LingPipe is tool kit for processing text using computational linguistics. LingPipe is used to do tasks like:

To get a better idea of the range of possible LingPipe uses, visit our tutorials and sandbox.


LingPipe's architecture is designed to be efficient, scalable, reusable, and robust. Highlights include:

Latest Release: LingPipe 4.1.2

Intermediate Release

The latest release of LingPipe is LingPipe 4.1.2, which patches some bugs and documentation. It is fully backward compatible with LingPipe version 4.1.0.

Migration from LingPipe 3 to LingPipe 4

LingPipe 4.1.2 is not  backward compatible with LingPipe 3.9.3.

Programs that compile in LingPipe 3.9.3 without deprecation warnings should compile and run in Lingpipe 4.1.2.

Downloading Last 3.9 Version: LingPipe 3.9.3

The last 3.9 version of LingPipe before the major refactoring is available at: