Our paying customers and academic users typically embed LingPipe into a customized framework suited to thier needs. Customers often find it difficult to design the application around the strengths and weaknesses of the current state-of-the-art. We often come in and help with the design of applications with the intent of teaching the customer's developers how to work with LingPipe.

Contact us for details on any of the below options.

Prototyping Service

For $950 we will develop a working prototype with your data. The advantages of this approach are:

Payments may be applied to commercial licenses for up to one year. Prototypes do not include extensive system tuning or data annotation. Not all projects are good candidates for this program. Academic pricing available as well.

Hourly Consulting

We offer limited consulting services to clients on the "teach them how to fish" rather than "sell them fish" model. We generally work with client developers on a shared svn archive.

Data Annotation Service

Machine learning systems require example data (aka training data) from which to learn. The creation of customized data sets yields superior results compared to using generic resources. Such data also serves as a gold standard for evaluating system performance.

We can help customers do their own annotation, provide the annotations ourselves, or suggest best practices to ensure high data quality.