LingPipe is available under the following licenses. Please contact us if the below do not fit your requirements.

LingPipe License Matrix
TypeRoyalty FreeDeveloperStartupEnterprise Server
CostFree$450/serverStarts at $9,500/year/site*$40,000/server
Data processed must be freely availableyesnonono
Linked software must be freely availableyesnonono
Research useyesyesyesyes
Production uselimitednoyesyes
Support Levelnone2 email10 emailunlimited phone/email+
Termperpetualperpetual1 yearperpetual
LicenseView LicenseView License contact uscontact us
All download links are to the same files:     Tarball (66MB)       Jar (1MB)
Purchase License    Free
   Contact Alias-i       Contact Alias-i   

* The startup package requires that you specify how many servers you need and the specific business uses they will be put to. This package is intended for smaller companies or startups.

** Support contract required at 20% per year.

Download Models

In addition to the core LingPipe API, we provide a range of precompiled models at:

These includes part-of-speech taggers, classifiers, entity extractors, etc.

Unpacking the Download

The core LingPipe API and models are distributed as a single file, which contains everything you need to get started:

Many of these items are also available online. See the navigation bar on the left side of this page for links.