Citing LingPipe

If you want to cite the LingPipe software, we suggest following the Chicago Manual of Style's guideline 17.356 for citing web sites in scientific articles. For the bibliography, they suggest the following form:

For inline citations, that would be:

Papers Mentioning LingPipe

We list papers that we wrote, as well as papers written by others.

Papers from Alias-i

We've spent much more time writing code, javadoc and tutorials than papers, but we have produced a few to go along with workshops or bakeoffs.

Third-Party Papers

If we missed your paper and you'd like to see it in this list, please drop us a line at We're speding some time every release going through Google Scholar, but we've only considered 100 or so of the several hundred results presented (450 as of this release).

Patent Applications

Yes, we've even been mentioned in 3rd-party patent applications! One doesn't need to own all the intellectual property mentioned in a patent to get a patent.

Courses using LingPipe

I know there are more out there, but these are the only syllabi I could find online (search: <syllabus lingpipe>). Let us know if you are using us in your class, especially if you'd like help.