LingPipe and Text Processing Books

We've decided to split what used to be the monolithic LingPipe book in two. As they're written, we'll be putting up drafts here.

NLP with LingPipe

You can download the PDF of the LingPipe book here:

Carpenter, Bob and Breck Baldwin. 2011. Natural Language Processing with LingPipe 4. Draft 0.5. June 2011.
[Download: lingpipe-book-0.5.pdf]

Text Processing with Java

The PDF of the book on text in Java is here:

Carpenter, Bob, Mitzi Morris, and Breck Baldwin. 2012. Text Processing with Java 6. Draft 0.5. July 2012.
[Download: java-text-book-0.5.pdf]
The pages are 7 inches by 10 inches, so if you print, you have the choice of large margins (no scaling) or large print (print fit to page).

Get the Code

We're also distributing the tarball with the code, jars and build files for all the demos in both books:
[Download: lingpipe-book-code-0.5.tgz]
There's no README in the code distribution; the books' introductions explain how everything's laid out.

Get the Full LingPipe Distribution

The LingPipe home page, with download links and all of our current tutorials, is at the:
LingPipe Home Page

Lucene Version 3.6 Tutorial

We've excerpted the 25-page Lucene version 3.6 tutorial and its code into a seaprate distribution, comprising the PDF of the chapter and the supporting code and libs.
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