Alias-i LingPipe 3.9.3

com.aliasi.chunk Classes for extracting meaningful chunks (spans) of text.
com.aliasi.classify Classes for classifying data and evaluation.
com.aliasi.cluster Classes for clustering data and evaluation.
com.aliasi.coref Classes for determining entity coreference within documents.
com.aliasi.coref.matchers Classes for matching and killing functions.
com.aliasi.corpus Classes for parsing and handling various corpora.
com.aliasi.corpus.parsers Deprecated: This package has been deprecated from LingPipe and various parsers will be moved to the LingPipe tutorials.
com.aliasi.crf Classes and interfaces for conditional random fields.
com.aliasi.dca Classes for fitting and running discrete choice analysis (DCA) models.
com.aliasi.dict Classes for handling dictionaries.
com.aliasi.features Classes for extracting feature vectors from objects and parsing objects for feature handlers.
com.aliasi.hmm Classes for estimating and decoding hidden Markov models. Classes to handle input, output, file selection, and logging.
com.aliasi.lm Classes for character- and token-based language models.
com.aliasi.matrix Classes for matrices and vectors.
com.aliasi.medline Deprecated: This package is now available through LingPipe's sandbox in the lingmed sandbox project.
com.aliasi.sentences Classes for sentence-boundary detection.
com.aliasi.spell Classes for spelling correction and edit distance.
com.aliasi.stats Classes for handling basic statical distributions and estimators.
com.aliasi.symbol Classes for string-based symbol tables.
com.aliasi.tag Classes and interfaces for sequence tagging, including evaluators.
com.aliasi.tokenizer Classes for tokenizing character sequences.
com.aliasi.util Classes for general Java utilities.
com.aliasi.xml Classes for XML, including SAX filters and file visitors.