Software Engineering, Testing, and Quality Assurance
for Natural Language Processing

June 20, 2008
Columbus, Ohio
an ACL 2008 Workshop



The list of accepted papers is now out:

Why an Engineering Workshop?

Natural language, as an input type, has unique characteristics that present special problems for software testing, quality assurance, and even requirements specification. This workshop will stimulate research in all areas of software engineering for natural language processing. The goals of this workshop include raising awareness of the need for good software engineering practices in NLP, stimulating research on same, and disseminating the results of current work in this area.

The target audience is researchers interested in natural language processing software, including standardization and testing.

Sample Topics

Program Committee

Organizer Affiliation
K. Bretonnel Cohen   MITRE
Bob CarpenterAlias-i
Member Affiliation
William A. Baumgartner, Jr.   U. Colorado School of Medicine
Hamish CunninghamU. Sheffield
Dan FlickingerStanford
Michael GamonMicrosoft
Martin JanscheGoogle
Marc LightThomson
James LyleMicrosoft
Kevin MarkeySilver Creek Systems
Stephan OepenStanford U.
Martha PalmerU. Colorado at Boulder
Jeff ReynarGoogle
Jun’ichi TsujiiU. Tokyo and UK National Centre for Text Mining
Martin VolkU. Stockholm
Scott A. WatermanPowerSet